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دانلود کتابخانه jToggleSwitch در basic4j

1 ارسال در این موضوع قرار دارد


دانلود کتابخانه jToggleSwitch در basic4j

  • ToggleSwitch

    • selectedChanged (selected As Boolean)


    • ba As BA


    • DesignerCreateView (base As ConcretePaneWrapper, label As LabelWrapper, args As Map)

    • Initialize (arg1 As String)

    • IsInitialized As Boolean

    • RemoveNodeFromParent

    • RequestFocus

    • SetAlphaAnimated (arg0 As Int, arg1 As Double)

    • SetLayoutAnimated (arg0 As Int, arg1 As Double, arg2 As Double, arg3 As Double, arg4 As Double)

    • SetSize (arg0 As Double, arg1 As Double)

    • Snapshot As ImageWrapper

    • Snapshot2 (arg0 As Paint) As ImageWrapper

    • isWrapText As Boolean


    • Alpha As Double

    • ContextMenu As ContextMenuWrapper

    • Enabled As Boolean

    • Height As Double [read only]

    • Id As String

    • LayoutX As Double [write only]

    • LayoutY As Double [write only]

    • Left As Double

    • MouseCursor As Cursor

    • PrefHeight As Double

    • PrefWidth As Double

    • Selected As Boolean

    • Style As String

    • StyleClass As String [write only]

    • StyleClasses As List [read only]

    • Tag As Object

    • Text As String
      Gets or sets the default label text value.

    • TooltipText As String

    • Top As Double

    • Visible As Boolean

    • Width As Double [read only]

    • WrapText As Boolean [write only]




پیوست شد.

jToggleSwitchLIB_v1.0.0 (Www.Basic4X.ir).zip

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